About Us

Paperbag Empress Records is a virtual indie label founded by Chagall Sierra in 2015. “Paperbag Empress” refers to the fairytale of the Princess and the Pea, also known as Paperbag Princess. Although her castle was destroyed by a dragon and people thought she was crazy, she knew her worth. Eventually it was recognized and she got the support she needed to rebuild her life and her country.

The focus is on music which has an element of nature, mysticism, mythology, or fairytale to it, and on artists who are overcoming personal challenges in order to create music, lives, and careers.

Our preferred genres are Meditative, World Music, Folk, Folk-Rock, Hard Rock/Metal, and Ambient. We’re looking for music with a very hopeful, life-affirming, spiritual core even if it dips into harder subject matter.

For our artists and friends we offer crosspromotion (free on social media – you promote us, we promote you), social media promotion, design services and basic digital recording from our tiny studio in Toronto, Canada.


Paperbag Empress Records is a virtual label. As such it is not a full-fledged recording studio, although we do make our own beats and backing tracks in-house.

We seek out independent musicians and bands that fit our vision of mystical & magical music. Themes include nature, love, loss, legends, myths, fairytales, and the extraordinariness of the ordinary.


Favouring artists who interact with us, by retweeting or reposting our playlists, especially the ones you’re on. The Holiday Playlist is an exception, featuring any independent music with a Christmas, Holiday, or Winter theme.


Straight-up promotion is reserved for our artists.

Design & Website Development

  • Logo design for bands and artists
  • Offering customized installations of WordPress for small to medium bands
  • Social Media artwork

For examples, look to this site and to our artist websites, linked below.